| 1.16.3

The MMORPG Towny Survival Server


Why can't I use iron, gold or diamond tools?
You have to upgrade your rank to at least rank E in order to use iron tools. This also unlocks the ability to wear iron armor.

What is the ''A,B,C,D,E....'' suffix in my name?
This shows your current player rank. Which you need to upgrade in order to unlock new abilities. Use /ranks to upgrade your rank.

How can I upgrade my rank?
Use /ranks to open the ranks menu. You need enough money to purchase upgrades.

How can I earn money (€)?
Money can be earned by the following events:
- Every 10 minutes you receive some money
- Complete job quests (/job quests)
- Perform simple job tasks. (/job browse)
- Vote (/vote)
- Use keys to open crates at /spawn
- You can use the Token converter in /shop to convert your tokens into money (€)

What are Tokens?
You need tokens in order to purchase extra homes, nicknames and other cosmetics.

How can I earn Tokens?
Tokens can be earned by the following events:
- Voting gives 1 token (/vote)
- From Crates at /spawn

Can I skip the night?
Yes you can skip nightime by laying in bed. At least some, but not all, players have to lay in a bed as well

How can I random teleport to the wild?
Use /rt to teleport to a random location. This can only be used once.